Peace talks 1948 to 2015 end with Apartheid in Israel

Netanyahu has decided Israel will form Apartheid as he said in his speech.  Bibi will expected the US to continue to give 3 billion aid each year and what ever Israel ask for. Israel are the chosen people of God and Netanyahu sees how the Pharaoh in slaved Jews and Holocaust cost many Jewish lives so he decided it is Israel’s turn to punish the descendants of Abraham.  As the world watches the enslavement of Palestine people Netanyahu will continue to remind the World of the suffering Jewish people have had and why all should give Israel to be blessed by God.


Rand Paul takes another step towards White House run

CNN Political Ticker

Washington (CNN) — Rand Paul has long been very open about his ambitions for higher office, telling CNN as early as November 2012, just weeks after the last presidential election, of his interest in running for the White House.

And the Republican senator from Kentucky is on top of the pack in CNN’s most recent poll in the hypothetical race for the 2016 GOP nomination.

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